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Kits will be available Early Spring 2024!

DIY Kit's are generally shipped between 2-5 days! We are pleased to announce that we are partnering with Babybeehummingbird to offer these AMAZING Maidinthewoods DIY kits on our website and at! Amy has been a pioneering force in the keepsake industry and has now offered her BBH DIY Preservation Powder for us to create our own perfect DIY Momma gift!! YAY!This high qulaity kit is easy to use. Once the milk is preserved into powder, the powder can then be used to create 6-12+ picecs of jewelry!This kit includes:Kit Includes:- Part A ( Resin)- Part B ( Hardner)- Measuring Cup- Spatula- 5 ml syringe- Shimmer Tint ( Pearl & Gold)- Instructions- Milk Preservation Powder...all beautifully boxed and ready to ship!The kit does not include a mold. You may order a mold for keepsake wirewrapping or jewelry kits here: order your wire-wrapping for your keepsake creation click here: DIY kit pairs nicely with a MAIDINTHEWOODS wirework gift certificate. For more information or to add to your order, Click here: molds may be available at Maidinthewoods.etsy.comEnjoy the creation process!~MaidinthewoodsShips Priority To US and First Class International to all other locations. Shipping cost to other countries subject to for exact quote outside the USA

DIY Breastmilk Preservation and Casting KITS

MIW Fleck Color Options
  • Amy from BBH is world renoun for her Keepsake work and Diy kits and we are so thrilled to offer them here at Maidinthewoods!


    There is an aestic difference in appearance between preserving your milk  into powder and crafting with it...and...having a prefessional craft your milk jewelry out of pure milk as some artisans choose to do. Both methods can be beautiful and viable options for creating breastmilk jewelry. The difference in appearance with pure milk preservation is that it produces a creamy cab that is not translucent. Its a highly specialized art and one that takes time and skill to learn. Many preservations artists are constantly working on their formula and preserving and crafting with these methods takes 10 days to 2 weeks for curing! Sometimes we may think it's a fast process for them...I've come to learn it is a lot of work! 


    A good DNA artisan understands the chemistry, knows how to work safely and produces consistant beautiful work. Supporting these artisans means supporting a womans creativity, a familiies income and maintaining access to a quality preservation community. Support them if you can! I work with many lovely DNA artisans and highly recommend some of them on my site. Each is unique and passionate about what they do and eager to create for you. 


    If you would love to craft your own piece or know a mom who would be excited to explore this process... THIS DIY KIT IS PERFECT!


    These DIY kits create a beautiful preserved breastmilk product from a non-toxic organic compound that is easy to use. ( Amy from BBH says "it's as easy as baking a cake")


    The preservation process yields a powder that then is cast in resin. We include the highest quality jewelrs resin by Little Windows! We have used it for years and it is an excellent product with consistant results. Fran, the owner, is a wonderful woman as well...; )The resin supplied in the kit will make several pieces.


    You will also find in the kit a few shimmer options. I love to add a little shimmer to my creations! Because we are creating with granulated preserved milk its nice to add shimmer to fill and add sparkle! If you prefer the solid creamy look, a touch of brightner can be added. Your creativity is the only limit. What a fun way to create meaningful and wearable art! Looking forward to seeing and posting pictures of what will be created with these kits. Please feel free to share!


    Happy Creating!

    Doreen at~ Maidinthewoods



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