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All my life I've created from whatever I've found around me. I never thought I needed something more to get started on a project and was happy to use whatever I could find. To this day I still believe that with a little imagination anyone can find whatever they might need within an arms reach.


For many years I worked doing projects of various types including: upolstery, alterations, many creative custom requests, costumes and bridal acessories,and wedding cakes. I made my childrens clothes from recycled clothing and decorated with whatever I could find in the great outdoors. We live in such abundance!


After my children were grown I decided to create only those things that brought me the greatest joy. Alterations might pay well but they are not always joyful. So away went anything that I felt I dreaded creating and on to! I often catch myself smiling as I'm packageing what I know will be the perfect piece for one of my wonderful customers... which is the ultimate reward of my work and also lets me know that I'm on the right creative path for me.


I started my MAIDINTHEWOODS etsy shop around August 2012. I had been selling some of my "Tree of life" necklaces to family, friends and friends of friends for sometime and finally my Aunt Bonnie sat me down and said we were setting up an etsy site. It has been such an exciting facet of a means of marketing handcrafted creations. I currently ship all over the world. I love the thought of a customer in Germany, Alaska or even Africa wearing of my necklaces!


Thank you for visiting and let me know if I can create something just for you!


~With gratitude~


Doreen Dickson






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