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Breastmilk Preservation Kit highlighted on Allison Tolmans You Tube channel

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

If you would like to watch Allison unbox and create with the Maidinthewoods Breastmilk Preservation Kit...check out her You Tube Chanel here...💕

Maidinthewoods has been creating these popular DIY kits for about a year and a half and we love working with these creative Moms and Dads as they choose to have a hand in creating their own keepsakes.

This kit is made possible thanks to a DNA artisan I wire-wrap keepsakes for suggesting I work with Amy @Babybeehummingbirds to offer a Maidinthewoods Preservation Kit. A beautiful example of women supporting women. .💕 Amy lovingly agreed and it's her amazing Milky Mama Preservation powder that is the "star of the show"! Amy has been working in the industry longer than most and certinally a creative powerhouse in the keepsake world. Her Milky Mama preservation powder has been in use for years, so I felt comfortable with her 'tried and true' track record in an industry where there can be less than professional results. Amy lovingly developed this patented, safe and non-toxic preservation powder to make it easy for anyone to create at home. I've had several Dads create and surprise their partners with beautiful moons that they send to my shop to be wrapped and boxed and then gifted in memory of the journey... that breastfeeding definately is! Thank you Amy for making this possible! 💕

🍃We designed this kit with gift-giving in mind. We wanted something beautiful, created in the maidinthewoods style and that was affordable and easy. We continue to tweak and add new things as we grow and take customer suggestions into the continued development of this wonderful Maidinthewoods DIY product!

We also know that the world DIY is not for everyone. And for those who would like to have something made for them we have options...including working with the DIY artisans of your choice and some inhouse work as well. Check out the Maidinthewoods Instagram Page to see examples of DNA Artisans that I have worked with and contact them for more information about having them create for you. ...if you decide to step into DIY Kit Creating please know that we will support you every step of the way...including an invitation to the DIY Kit creators Facebook page!

Please reach out if you have any question about the kit or if you have any questions about having a DNA artisan create for you!

We have more exciting developments ahead and are excited to work with such a precious community...stay tuned!💗

🍃Happy Spring!



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