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Maidinthewoods Designs are Available to the Keepsake Community!

The above professionally preserved milk moon was created by Jobrimilkcharms. 

Wirework by Doreen at

Those who know me, know that I love to create. Combining that passion with the preservation of meaningful elements representing precious memories can be described as nothing less than a daily joy! 

This month has brought new opportunities as these Maidinthewoods designs became available to all who desired this service. A growing list of professional DNA Preservation Artists from around the world is now available in each listing for customer convenience...or if you prefer to create your own moon the address for submitting that is also available in the listing description. For more specific information on dimensions feel free to contact us directly at:

Thank you to all who have helped in this ongoing transition and for the inspiring customers who continue to amaze me with stories of strength, courage and love, of which these pieces commemorate...💜



The Maidinthewoods

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